Who made this thing?

Hi. I'm Josh. Now the first thing you should probably ask yourself is, does the guy who made an app to get abs actually have abs? The answer is sadly... not yet. But I am halfway there.
These are the principles and research I did to go from 28% body fat to 19% body fat.
(I don't have a picture in the gym at 19% bf. Yes I own more than one shirt, but I happened to wear the same one both days, then I wore it again on purpose for the last one. 😁)
I averaged about a 320 daily calorie deficit between the first two pictures. Just eating less and working out more.
Next two pictures I stopped working out as much and tried just eating whatever I wanted. Body fat crept back up. So I started paying attention again and it is goin in the right direction.
I am currently working towards that 10% body fat goal and should get there by the end of the summer. I will update this page with my progress, or you can follow along on my Instagram here 📷Instagram📸📷
Update: Dec 2021 - I did not hit that 10% goal. Working towards it again this spring. Expect to reach 10% body fat near the end of Spring 2022.